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Peter Hobi, owner of Alphorn Bakery, is an international Pastry Chef known for his unique and delectable pastries. A native of Switzerland, his journey began with his family’s 75 year old fine dining restaurant and butcher shop. This experience influenced his interest in culinary and fine arts. In fact, it gave him the opportunity to learn early in life about preparing gourmet food and the processes involved. Subsequently, he later enhanced his extensive knowledge by studying and mastering the art of pastries and confections. He earned his Pastry Chef degree and diploma in Switzerland.

After traveling the world and settling in Houston, he cooked for several US Presidents, Foreign Dignitaries and some of the most notable names in Entertainment.

In 1994 Peter opened Alphorn Bakery. Since then he has maintained the highest standards of using the best products in mastering his creations.

Interested in savory treats? Check out Peter's Lonestar Dynabites. These delicious, spicy crackers don't just come with a Texas kick, but also support a good cause. All crackers are produced and packaged in partnership with The Center Houston.

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